Paint Won’t Cover Everything

Repair rotting wood in Wake Forest or Raleigh, NC

New paint and clean surfaces only go so far. If you have rotting wood or damaged drywall, it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Our specialists are trained to recognize signs of rotting or damaged wood, and will inform you of the malignant areas before proceeding with any job. Identifying and replacing areas of damaged wood is vital to the appearance and sometimes even the stability of your home’s structure.

Interior repairs for drywall in Wake Forest and Raleigh, NC

Holes happen. You can repair most minor blemishes with spackling or drywall patches. However, for holes larger than a baseball, you may want a professional to craft a seamless wall repair. We can also repair or replace your drywall if it has been damaged by water or smoke. Call Tru-Line Painting & Pressure Washing today if you think your home has rotting wood or you are in need of drywall repair in Wake Forest or Raleigh, NC.